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Photo Credit: Dan Taylor, Bat Conservation International


The hub is a collaborative and inclusive community. Engage with us to learn, monitor, and share all things Southwest Bat. Below are some of the services and opportunities that we provide. 

Guidance and Documentation

The NABat program provides comprehensive guidance to support you in contributing to the continental scale monitoring effort.  Visit the NABat Resources page to find datasheets, instructional videos, protocols, sampling design documentation, and more.


Data Processing and Analysis

We work with the National Data Processing Lab, which is a collaborative effort established to improve data processing for NABat monitoring.  The National Data Processing Lab processes and submits your data to NABat and produces a report for you with results for your location. 

Christen Long acoustic processing.jpg

Photo credit: Christen Long,
Bat Conservation International

Equipment Sharing

Are you interested in monitoring but don't have funds to purchase acoustic equipment?  The Hub facilitates equipment sharing so that more cells can be monitored throughout the region. Cost should not be a barrier to participation. 

Coming Soon

Photo Credit: Janet Tyburec


The Hub is currently learning about the training needs of the community to use the NABat platform, collect acoustic data, and process data. Stay tuned for more information on learning opportunities! 


Photo Credit: Winifred Frick, Bat Conservation International

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